The fastest backend web framework for Go.

Simplicity Equals Productivity.
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Write and serve anywhere.

Write your backend with iris web framework. Host it at any machine. Iris is written with Go, you can run Iris from mobile, raspberry pi or a desktop with the minimum machine power.

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Broad os support, baby.

All major operating systems are supported including linux, bsd, android, macOS, windows.

It’s gonna work good on all devices.

Iris is written with Go programming language, by Google. That means that you can host an Iris web server anywhere you want, raspberry pi, desktop or mobile. Go is really fast, Iris is designed to have the best performance ever recorded with the minimum machine power!

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Here are some more things any web developer will love.

Show your code to your co-workers, friends and your grandma. They will understand the simple API that Iris provides.

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Easy to use

No dependencies are required, just run 'go get -u' and you're ready.

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The best way to make something seem simple is to have it actually be
simple. Iris's main functionality has clean, classically beautiful APIs.

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Iris is simple but very strong and has stable API.