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The fastest backend web framework for Go.



Write once and run anywhere ie. Android, iOS, Linux and Windows etc. with the minimum machine power. It is backed on Google Go, only one excutable serve on all platforms.

Easy To Use

Iris known for simple and powerful api. Beside the low level access that Iris gives you. Iris loves MVC as well. It's the only one Go web framework with rich support of the MVC Architectural Pattern with near zero performance cost.


Service Oriented

Iris gives you the structure to build service oriented apps. It’s easy to build microservices with Iris.

Comparison with .NET Core and Node.js

Latest update at: Monday, 22 October 2018


Note: Assuming that you have already installed Google Go. If not please follow installation guide

  • go get -u
  • _

Hello World

      package main

         import ""

         func main() {
           app := iris.Default()

           // Method:   GET
           // Resource: http://localhost:8080/
           app.Handle("GET", "/", func(ctx iris.Context) {
             ctx.HTML("Hello world!")

           // same as app.Handle("GET", "/ping", [...])
           // Method:   GET
           // Resource: http://localhost:8080/ping
           app.Get("/ping", func(ctx iris.Context) {

           // Method:   GET
           // Resource: http://localhost:8080/hello
           app.Get("/hello", func(ctx iris.Context) {
             ctx.JSON(iris.Map{"message": "Hello iris web framework."})

           // http://localhost:8080
           // http://localhost:8080/ping
           // http://localhost:8080/hello

Save above code with main.go (its up to you) and run following command to start server

  • go run main.go
  • Now listening on: http://localhost:8080
    Application started. Press CTRL+C to shut down.

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