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Fight against the GFW, eyes on China democracy progress, software developer


Thanks to Iris, I build and run web apps with super fast speed. I love simplicity. #golang #iris

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Matteo Galeotti

Geek programmer. I love networking and how does it works


@MakisMaropoulos I just want to thank you for your amazing work on iris. Finally with @golang’s power web programming is fun again.

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Eduard Urbach

Works full-time on Open Source software in Go


Go’s Iris framework paired up with @aerospikedb completes 50k HTTP requests with ~100 μs per request (0.1 ms, 1 DB fetch each).

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Cuong Minh Trinh

Web Dev


Good framework, quick response from author. I email to him a problem in example, he emailed me twice and created a new example.

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TechMaster Vietnam

Programming Video Courses


We build a Learning Management System using Iris framework. Very easy to learn, lot of examples and responsible author who replies questions and bug report promptly.

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Tech Lead @thoughtworks | Go, Rust, Java, C


I was using Gin. From a Response Time of 180ms to 5ms. Impressive! Thanks @MakisMaropoulos #iris #golang

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Software Engineer


@MakisMaropoulos How is Iris not more famous? It seems like a brilliant Web framework. I’m using it for my projects from now on, at least. That’s for sure! Great work! :)

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Frank Rousseau

Software maker since 1997. I tweet about programming, remote teams and self-hosted apps


Iris web framework for Go looks to be better documented and featured than its competitors. #golang

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Joey Parsons

Working at @kleinerperkins. Previously at @airbnb, @flipboard, @klout, @sugarcrm


@MakisMaropoulos wow, great job on #iris!

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John Alex

Blogger https://topsolutii.blogspot.com


@MakisMaropoulos amazing work with Iris framework! As a node js developer, the API is incredibly amazing! Good job ;)

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Julián González

CISA, GPEN, GCIH, Stormshield CSNA, Sonicwall CSSA, CSSP, ITILv3.0. R&D Technnical Manager | @st2labs


I was working with a great python project @djangoproject and if you use Iris Web Framework from @MakisMaropoulos… 😱 Fast .. very Fast a light, you Love #golang …. #awesome

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Jérôme Pinguet

Hacker doctor dev free code & opensource for health @doctoctocbot


Backend web framework in Go running on Android by @MakisMaropoulos https://iris-go.com/ CC @p_ameline Who needs the cloud to build a personal health network? 😏

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Software Engineer


I have been experimenting with .NET and Nodejs programming for several years. But the project Iris is the best way I’ve worked with. Thank you Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos @MakisMaropoulos

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Software Engineer at @Microsoft


Thanks @MakisMaropoulos for the Go vs .NET Core performance press! Me and my buddy were comparing the two last night and it was helpful to have your work as reference. Keep up the awesome work!

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Bob Hannent

Digital TV Architect and Innovator


Go #Greece! @MakisMaropoulos impressive work

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Senior Software Engineer at KINETIC


The speed looks impressive for Iris https://iris-go.com @MakisMaropoulos #golang

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Rails developer at @bigbinary


@MakisMaropoulos thanks for creating iris !